About All Things Bright and Beautiful We are Ah Li and Joanne and we both dream of drawing things all day. We are constantly inspired by all things bright and beautiful. God’s creations inspire our creations, and we hope our creations inspire you too.

About Joanne

I grew up in the US, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I remember being confused all the time and super shy. I drew pictures in my textbooks during classes. As a kid, I wanted to be either a farmer, dolphin trainer or a vet. But I realized drawing was the only thing I could really do. So here I am. My drawings are the ideas from inside my head, but on paper, and a bit more organized. 

About Ah Li 

As a kid, I never really thought about the future, or what i wanted to do. I was the kind of person who didn’t think much and had a blank expression all the time. After graduation, I got a job in animations and that’s when I really wanted to draw. I still think it’s pretty magical that I can draw because I never really imagined it! I thank God that I found something I really like. 

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